1. Save My Life

From the recording Dark Matters


There's always so much on my mind
The whole day seems to play on rewind
Random thoughts shift from here to there
Always seems like I'm moving nowhere

Out of bed to do it all again
Been this way since I don't know when
Another day too soon will end
And man I sure could use a friend

When I'm lying in my bed
I need to sleep but I think of you instead
Words can cut my like a knife
But I think you've come here to save my life

Well I guess it's back to the grind
Not sure what I'm hoping to find
Can't see the forest for the trees
Now I'm begging on my knees

Things seem so crazy down here
A never ending stream of fear
Sometimes I just need to vent
But I swear you were heaven sent

So much confusion, so show me the way
So much delusion in the things that people say