"Doug Byrkit and Brian Zielie have a sound that is second to none. Great songs, great playing, truly original. Almost a modern day Steely Dan” ”

- MIKE ZITO | 2010 Blues Award Song of The Year - RUF RECORDS

The Tone of Odds Lane was faultless and they were the tightest band to stop in Springfield in quite some time. They are a true Professionals! ”


"Brilliant, and sometimes darkly humorous, it is impossible to categorize Odds Lane and we wouldn't have it any other way." ”

- JD Nash| American Blues Scene Magazine

Short Bio

Odds Lane is a uniquely blended mix of driving blues-rock riffs and solid grooves with an overall pop sensibility. They create music that fuses diverse influences from a wide range of styles but maintains the integrity of what has become their own original sound. The band is the musical outlet of the songwriters Doug Byrkit and longtime musical partner Brian Zielie. 


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