Odds Lane & Mike Zito rare live performance 11.24.18

Rare live recent performance of OddsLane w/ Mike Zito playing their old song "Hollywood" (off the Ruf Records 2018 release "Blue Room 20th Anniversary Re-release" currently charting on iTunes & Billboard) at The Pageant 11.24.18 during the KSHE 95 - Real Rock Radio SRV tribute. Thanks Tim Brewer for the great video!

Odds Lane live on The Pascal Show

OddsLane performs an acoustic version of their hit "One Hundred Miles" live 6.6.18 on @The Pascal Show!
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Live on Fox News & Live Stream link

Promoting their appearance at the National Blues Museum Odds Lane and Casey Jolley of the NBM appear live on FOX 2 9AM show with Kim Hudson. Follow the link below to watch the full 3hr live stream from the show.



Odds Lane at the National Blues Museum

Watch the full band live on Fox2Now 9AM show Thur 10/5 streaming at www.fox2now.com promoting our National Blues Museum Howlin Fridays show Fri 10/6. Also listen to Doug Byrkit's interview on WSIE 88.7 The Sound or streaming at http://www.siue.edu/wsie on 10/5 6pm-7pm blues hour.